Subsea Data Processing

Periplus can assist in processing and charting all survey data that you have acquired offshore. Our people have many years of experience in the whole spectrum from data acquisition to final data presentation and reporting. 

We can also advise you or connect you with the right people at reliable survey companies when data acquisition still needs to be done. During the years we have built a vast network of specialists.

Bringing the seabed to the surface

The tools we use ensure the creation of reliable data models time and again.  Our goal is to give a clear picture of what is going on in the hidden subsea world and to bring this information from the seabed to the surface.

Bathymetric Data Processing

We use the latest software for bathymetric data cleaning. In the process we remove all unwanted data and keep the data that are needed to build reliable bathymetric models of your waterways, port, underwater assets or anything else.
The bathymetric model can be used by us to create charts completely to your desires, make volume calculations or use the data to display in GR:Dit.


Side scan sonar interpretation

Side scan sonar data are acoustic scans of the seabed. As the data are presented in a range of greyscales, it is not always very obvious what is an object and what is not. Besides object detection we can also do seabed classification. It takes well trained people to do this job well!

We have the required skills to distinguish the noise from the objects.

Magnetometer processing

Magnetometer data are used to locate ferrous objects on or under the seabed. This can either be cables, pipelines, smaller objects like archaeological artifacts but also Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).

Using specialized software we will report where the object is, how deep it is buried and what it's dimensions are.


Sub-bottom Profiler processing

Sub-bottom profiling is used to map geological layers under the seabed. This technique is often used to measure the distance of burial of pipes and cables, but can also be used to locate sand pockets or ancient riverbeds.

We use state of the art software and well trained people to get the most out of your data.