Marine Geo-IT Solutions

Periplus has a team of in-house software developers specialized in solutions inside the geographical domain. Combining this with our roots in hydrography, we are ideally positioned to develop applications within the marine environment.

Making things easier

Our Geo-IT department combines top end programming skills and GIS expertise to bring you the best possible solutions in the field of asset data presentation, database visualization or any other georeferenced data.


Bringing the environment to the surface

GR:Dit  definition: GR:Dit (name; singular) / Pronounciation: [gridit]

GR:Dit is software to manage (subsea) data related to assets. GR:Dit can be approached by an internet browser and gives the user access to advanced tools. These tools can be used for analysis, visualization and reporting of the various datasets. GR:Dit is known for its versatility and can be fully customized.

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Customized IT Solutions

We build custom solution in accordance with your requirements, wishes and specifications.

Our team of geo specialists and developers engage into the thought process to identify your needs and translate these into actual functionality.





GR:Dit software

  •   Structured and easy to use
  •   Secure and centralized data storage
  •   Avoid unnecessary surveys & save time with creating PDF charts online
  •   No need for a GIS specialist
  •  for more information visit the GR:Dit website