Maritime archaeology

From desktop study to salvage

Maritime archaeology is a science inviting many disciplines to merge, such as traditional archaeology and geology but also hydrographic surveying, data sampling and analysis and GIS mapping. We combine this with the latest insights, up to date understandings of regulations and a lot of passion to support your project every step of the way.

Periplus Archeomare

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Maritime archaeology is not only essential for governments and local authorities to monitor our cultural heritage but it is very often a mandatory step prior to carrying out any subsea construction activities.

Impact assessments for the offshore industry

Prior to subsea construction (cable, pipeline installation or dredging activities) is compulsory to assess the potential archaeological value of the sites affected. This is regulated in the Netherlands in the ‘Omgevingswet’. As part of our desktop studies, we look at the likelihood of the presence of archaeological artifacts based on our extensive archives, often together with available survey data.




Geophysical surveys and underwater Inspections

We work with several survey and diving companies to acquire geophysical data relevant to archaeological studies and to inspect potential findings visually. We plan, coordinate and often participate in the data acquisition and diving works to guarantee the quality required.




Data Analysis and Monitoring

We work closely with governmental organizations to offer advice and organize the monitoring of sensitive areas over several years. Check out our video of the Ritthem, a 16th century shipwreck in danger of sinking into the eroding channel.

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