Experience is our tool

Mission Statement

At Periplus we provide consultancy, advisory and operational services, at the highest possible quality and safety standards, to industries and organizations that require specialist advice and assistance in the field of Hydrography, Geophysics, Underwater Archaeology and related fields of expertise.

We do this with a team of dedicated and educated professionals on the basis of knowledge and experience but also according to the principle of learning and continuous improvement.

Our aim is to become the preferred supplier in the industry by running a sustainable business that warrants an optimal relationship between the company’s stakeholders (owners, employees, clients and suppliers). We do this by adhering, at all times, to our values:

Integrity – We aim, with everything we do and with every decision we make, to warrant the highest level of integrity. This is reflected in a careful execution of our activities with our responsibilities in mind and while observing the applicable rules and regulations. When rules or regulations are missing or unclear we will act in a morally responsible manner and according to generally accepted social and ethical standards.

Continuity – We aim, with everything we do and with every decision we make, to safeguard the continuity of our business. We strive to establish a sustainable relationship with our employees, contractors, suppliers and clients. This means amongst others that we map potential business risks and reduce them to an acceptable and manageable level.

Profitability – With profitability we not only mean short term positive financial returns but also a continued exceeding performance towards self-inflicted key performance Indicators in the field of Quality, Safety, Operational and Commercial activities. This performance will ultimately contribute the overall profitability, continuity and growth of our business.

Questions, comments or suggestions?

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